Yellow Dog Sound

  • Riff Buddy accurately loops within audio tracks as an aid to learning music
  • It allows a student of music to repeatedly listen to a selected part of the audio track and sing or play along
  • It can play MP3, .wav, and other audio files
  • You can save your loop points. They will load when you again open the MP3 file

Option #1: Download Riff Buddy

You can save Rif fBuddy to your computer by downloading it. Just right-click here and save it in a convenient location (such as your Desktop). To run, double-click on it and, after it starts, just drag-and-drop your song onto the bottom of Riff Buddy.
Note: This should download to your computer as a single file named RiffBuddyPG.jar. If, instead, your computer creates a folder containing multiple files, (and you use Windows) have a look at this fix

Option #2: Launch Riff Buddy from this Web Page

If your web browser is up to date and you have a fairly recent version of Java (which you likely do), just click on the orange Launch button below to try out Riff Buddy.

Your computer will ask you if you really want to run this application.
After you drag-and-drop your song onto Riff Buddy, it will take a while to load the first song because the software is still downloading from this web site

Note: If you have run Riff Buddy from this web page in the past and you get an error about an "unsigned jar file", you will need to clear your Java cache: see the instructions here

Riff Buddy